The Spanish government declared in June 2019, a noteworthy redesign to the path contracts in Spain are regulated and their related expenses.

Before to this date, people were provided with a house mortgage from the bank with a repayment schedule.

What’s more, there were Extra irregular costs that were needed to pay, which were excessive and number of individuals weren’t expecting it.

These costs included game plan and registration costs, legal official charges and land vault expenses which when included, could add up to an extra 2.5% of the Home loan amount. So taking out a €100,000 home loan could mean you will need to find a further €2,500.

A lot of people thought these costs were excessive and in many cases resulted in the client not taking up the application.

Since July however things have changed. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, Banks will take these ‘add on’ costs and incorporating them in the capital acquired, which implies that these expenses can be spread over the term of the home loan.

A far simpler and sensible answer for the borrower and which has been welcomed with a positive thumbs up from all sides of the fund and land ventures.